A Guide to ADHD Symptoms and Signs

Because ADHD is a fairly common behavioral disorder that affects children, it is very important to shed light on the topic and spread awareness. Boys are about three times more likely to be diagnose with ADHD than girls, although the reason for this has not been determined conclusively yet. Many kids will sometimes act without thinking, have trouble sitting still or focusing, or be hyperactive. Children with ADHD exhibit these symptoms over a longer period of time and will happen in different kinds of settings. These have a negative effect on the child's relationships at school and at home.

Unfortunately, many children are still not treated correctly because a lot of parents fail to recognize the exact symptoms and signs of ADHD. Timely detection and correct therapy is the first step to curing ADHD. Here are some of the most common ADHD signs and symptoms.

Hyperactivity - Hyperactivity is one of the easily recognizable ADHD symptoms. A child suffering from ADHD will be constantly trying to pay attention to everything at the same time. He cannot remain in his seat for long periods of time and will be constantly fidgeting or squirming on the floor or chair and will tend to not stay still. He will be constantly moving or running, will answer questions too early or interrupt you while you are talking. If your child is showing these signs, you should observe him for at least 6 months. If your child is still exhibiting these symptoms after 6 months, you need to check with a physician for proper diagnosis.

Inattentiveness - Children who suffer from ADHD have an inability to pay attention. A child with ADHD will find it very hard to focus on one single task for very long. He will also be distracted rather easily. Light, sounds, movements are just some of the things that can distract him. He will be lost in his own world. He will seldom be able to follow instructions. Since his mind is picking up other stimuli, he will often miss details or specifics. For more details about ADHD, visit  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adult_attention_deficit_hyperactivity_disorder.

Impulsiveness - Children who suffer from ADHD do not think before they act. A child with ADHD will not be in control of his emotions. He will be unable to take turns. He may speak out of turn or make improper comments. This symptom makes it very difficult for him to create positive social relationships with other children of his age. Know more about the Totally ADD.

These three symptoms can be easily recognized in some cases, while they can be less pronounced in other cases. Some children with ADHD may suffer from impulsiveness, but almost none of the other two symptoms. These symptoms should never be ignored. A visit with a specialist can easily help detect and cure ADHD.

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